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import torch
from import Dataset
from typing import List, Optional
from collections import namedtuple

[docs]def truncated_cat(a, b, maxsize=-1): # NOTE(sanyam): this may overflow a little over size # but keeps logic simple. res =[a, b], dim=0) diff = res.size(0) - maxsize if maxsize > 0 and diff > 0: res = res[diff:] return res
[docs]class TensorTupleDataset(Dataset): '''Store vectorized tuples of tensors ''' def __init__(self, size: int = -1, x: Optional[List] = None): self.size = size self._raw_x = x
[docs] def extend(self, *tensor_list: List[torch.Tensor]): if self._raw_x is None: self._raw_x = [None] * len(tensor_list) assert len(self._raw_x) == len(tensor_list) for i, new_x in enumerate(tensor_list): if self._raw_x[i] is None: self._raw_x[i] = torch.zeros(0, *new_x.shape[1:]) self._raw_x[i] = truncated_cat(self._raw_x[i], new_x, maxsize=self.size)
def __len__(self) -> int: if self._raw_x is None: return 0 return self._raw_x[0].size(0) def __getitem__(self, index) -> List[torch.Tensor]: return [x[index] for x in self._raw_x]
[docs] def truncate(self): self._raw_x = None
Transition = namedtuple('Transition', [ 'obs', 'action', 'reward', 'next_obs', 'done', ])
[docs]class TransitionTupleDataset(TensorTupleDataset):
[docs] def extend(self, transition_list: List[Transition]): if len(transition_list) == 0: return transition_batch = Transition(*[ torch.Tensor(b) for b in zip(*transition_list) ]) transition_batch = [ b.unsqueeze(-1) if b.dim() == 1 else b for b in transition_batch ] super().extend(*transition_batch)